Camberwell University Commission

As part of Camberwell College’s major redevelopment of its facilities, we were asked to develop the furniture for its canteen. The bespoke range consisted of benches, tables, stools and stackable chairs that would offer durable seating for up to 3,000 students making daily use of the space.

The decision to use reclaimed timbers alongside grown-in-Britain (GIB) hardwood meant that the pieces were not only robustly constructed but characterful and unique in appearance. As a studio we always look for ways to innovate and in this collection, combining these two timbers enriched the beauty of the final product. The basis of the range is two joints – the bridle and the through-tenon. This consistent design language unifies the range, the stackable chair being a highlight that showcases both. It is designed to stack up to eight chairs tall, meaning it can be stored compactly; hugely advantageous when space is at a premium.